Side Hustle Ideas Outside of Your 9-5

If you’re in an entry level role at your firm and living in an expensive city, you’ll quickly realize that you have to be extremely disciplined in your spending. A one night outing where you decide to blow $1000 on splurges can have a serious impact on your monthly budget, debt, and overall personal finances. On the other hand, we are strong opponents on what’s known as ‘penny-pinching.’ That is, counting every little cent that you spend on necessities such as groceries and dinner. Unless you’re a maniac spender, how much are you really going to overspend buying groceries? Instead of penny-pinching, you should be focusing on creating a side hustle, which will help offset your splurge-purchases. Outlined below are some of our side hustle ideas that you can start today.

Side Hustle Idea #1: Build Websites For Businesses

By far the highest in profitability of all side hustle ideas, building websites for businesses can net you over $200/hr if you sign the right client. With that said, this side hustle has the highest learning curve out of the rest. Here, you’ll need to spend 2-4 weeks learning how to build effective websites. Now keep in mind, we aren’t saying to learn how to code. There are plenty of website-builders out there that require no coding knowledge. Take a look at SquareSpace, Weebly, Wix, etc. With these website platforms, you’ll just be drag-and-dropping the website elements, meaning everything will be visual.

To approach clients for this side hustle, we suggest you look up local businesses and check out their respective websites. If you find them to be outdated, non-existent, or just plain ugly, that means you’re in a great spot to contact the business owner and pitch them your services.

Be wary that it may take 20-30 outreach cold-emails before you’re successful in receiving a job. That’s just the nature of things, so don’t get discouraged. If you want to up your chances of getting hired, make the effort to go to the physical business. It’s a lot harder for someone to reject you in person than over email. The beauty of it is that in one job, you’ll make more than any other side hustle. We’ve charged law firms $1,000 for a three-hour job before, simply because they were in need and had the money to spend.

If you’re interested in taking a short video course to learn about web development and how to sign clients, take this course, we highly recommend it.

Side Hustle Idea #2: Flip Items

Craiglist was quite possibly the earliest pioneer in this, but now with the advent of Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, and more, the ability to flip items has never been easier.

Most likely, if you live in a Tier 1 or Tier 2 city, you’ll have weekly (or even daily) markets. We’re talking the kind where regular old Joes who sell paintings, decorations, jewelry, tech, antiques, etc. These can be goldmines to find high-margin items to flip. Find a cool piece of jewelry for only $5? List it on Facebook marketplace for $15. Every so often, you’ll come across an item which you can sell for 5x what you bought it for. The beauty of it is that Facebook marketplace and Letgo will bring the customers to your listing. You don’t need to spend any money on marketing and the like. With this side hustle idea, the more you do it the better you get at understanding which items sell well and which ones you can price high.

The cool thing about the flipping items side hustle is that you only need to spend about one day of the week (usually Sunday) on it. Go to the market whenever it opens – most likely early in the morning – go home and list it on marketplaces. It should be about 3-5 hours of your day, and then focus on talking and selling to the potential buyers when they contact you. Out of all of our side hustle ideas, this one is probably the most relaxed.

Side Hustle Idea #3: Start a Blog

While this side hustle usually takes longer than other methods to become profitable, this is the one that’s usually most enjoyable. We say this because you should blog about something you’re actually interested in and have a strong passion for. If you have a deep love for what you’re writing about, it won’t necessarily feel like work, and hey – the extra money that comes with it is nice!

So how do you make money from blogging? This seems to be a popular question we receive from coworkers, peers, and the like.

There are two main methods to earn money. One, selling your own products. If you run a blog about guitars, it seems well-fitting to sell items such as guitar picks. So once you have a strong following, tie in products that are related to your blog, and you’ll start to see the sales roll in. The next method is through affiliate products. Say again you’re running a blog about guitars. Now let’s say you reached out to Yamaha and signed up to be an affiliate for their online store. If someone clicks your unique link (provided to you by Yamaha) and makes a purchase for a guitar, you’ll get a commission for driving that sale. This can be an extremely lucrative source of income – as once you’re receiving thousands of visits a day – your affiliate commissions can be high – therefore earning you quite the side income.

If you’re interested in blogging, sign up for a WordPress plan here.

Idea #4: Build an E-com Store

Here, you’re going a little more down the entrepreneurial route. We advise this method only if you’re a risk-taker. With that said, this side hustle can be the most profitable. Here, you’re eliminating time out of the equation, meaning you’ll make money in your sleep. But again, remember that this side hustle is the riskiest, as your product may not be successful. Keeping in mind all of our side hustle ideas, with this route, you’re basically starting your own business. You’ll find a niche, profitable product, and sell it on your website.

In our experience, we’ve noticed that one-product stores have had the highest conversion rates. That’s because once someone who’s interested in your product happens across your online store, they’re not confused about what to purchase. They’re on your website because they’re interested in your product, and if you have good copywriting, they will purchase your product.

Now, in terms of choosing the right platform to sell on, we recommend Shopify. Shopify is the king of the e-commerce space, and unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of it. Their plans start at $29 a month for an all-in-one package, meaning you’ll have a product store, payment integration, and much more. Let’s say you have an item that you sell for $10 (includes shipping costs). You’ll just need to sell 3 products per month to breakeven with your Shopify plan. Sounds doable, right? It’s not rocket science. Most people get caught up on what to sell, when they should instead be focusing on the copywriting. Remember, people buy with emotion, not logic. Tell them how you’re going to improve their life, and they’ll throw money your way.

If you’re interested in starting a Shopify e-commerce store, sign up here for a plan.

Start, and Start Now

There’s only luxury and resource in life that we can’t buy, and that’s time.

We all, as humans, have an equal 24 hours in the day, and we choose how we want to spend them. Some of us will decide to waste our time on Netflix, Hulu, and partying, while some of us will decide to use it more effectively on things such as building a side hustle and income.

All in all, there’s no better time (in the history of our planet) to start a business. You can literally start one for under $100, thanks to technology platforms such as Shopify. All that we ask is that you start now, start today, and let go of the mindset that you’ll start next tomorrow, next week, etc.

Have other interesting side hustle ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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